The Best HIIT Workout Plans for Men and Women

High Intensity Interval Training Basics

HIIT Workout PlanA High Intensity Interval Training workout routine can get you results like no other type of training regime, and is guaranteed to leave you energized, rejuvenated and wanting for more. A HIIT program can be done in 10 minutes flat and still be as effective as conventional cardio routines. In fact, for losing weight, HIIT is the best training you can try out. Sportsmen do regular HIIT exercises to keep in shape and also increase their speed, strength and stamina at the same time. Thus, there are more advantages to High Intensity Interval Training than you can think of.

A Basic HIIT Workout Plan

In terms of a basic plan, you could start with sprinting which will train most of your body and is a must for some beginners. Start by running at your own comfortable pace to warm up your body for the intensity training to follow. Begin sprinting at the fastest speed your body will allow. After a couple of minutes, slowly start reducing your speed till are running at a comfortable pace again. After a minute start sprinting again and continue for two more minutes. Continue this cycle for a total of 10-20 minutes, as long as you can do it without hurting yourself. Stop when you know you are getting extremely short of breath or excessively dehydrated.

Something More Structured

HIIT 10 Minute Trainer WorkoutIf you want more out of your 10 minutes then you should definitely go for the 10-minute Trainer by Tony Horton, the man behind the P90X fitness program. This is sure to give you the most out of the 10 minutes you have for your daily exercise. It employs a patented principle of Super Stacking to work all your body parts including your lower body and your abs. The package includes all the tools you need to get started and work like a pro with your own virtual trainer.

Here’s a quick video on how the 10 minute trainer program works. If you want to learn more about it you can check out this site.

A General HIIT Routine

A HIIT Workout PlanHigh Intensity Interval Training can be combined with your existing fitness regimens or if you don’t have any at all then you might want to know what can be the most basic stuff that you can do and try without any kind of supervision.

Well, there are plenty but sprinting or running is the best any fitness trainer would suggest to you if you are just foraying into this world and want to try out something that will give you some visible results.

Before you begin doing any kind of fitness activity you should always remember to warm up for it, otherwise your muscles might just reject the excess strain on them and you could end up hurting yourself.

Now, begin running or rather jogging at a comfortable pace. You can do this for as long as you want, but when you are ready start sprinting at a considerably higher pace. You need to continue sprinting at this pace for two minutes so choose a speed of running that is not more than your body can allow.

Do not stop but reduce your speed and return to a comfortable jog.

Repeat this and alternate between high and low speed running for at least 5 cycles.

This is just a basic HIIT workout plan, but if you want most out of your basics then go for Tony Horton’s critically acclaimed P90X workout routine.

It has 12 different training DVD’s that will help you lose weight and gain lean muscles for a shapely and attractive body. If you think the Ultimate package is too much for you and you are a beginner, then go for the Basic plan.

It will get you the best possible results in the least amount of time.

What Are The Best HIIT Workouts For Women?

HIIT Workouts For WomenHigh Intensity Interval Training is not only for elite athletes or sportsmen. In fact, if anyone ever told you it was made specifically for men, he would be lying, because HIIT exercises can be done by just about anyone. They can be done by men or women, beginners and experts alike.

All said and done, women need to also keep in mind that they have very different needs of working out and they have different body structures also. Sure, women like to have strong fore arms and well cut-out abs, but a lot of women are looking to reduce weight and gain a shapely figure.

So, there are HIIT routines which are designed specifically for women and especially for those women who are looking to lose weight with High Intensity Interval Training.

Slim In 6

If you want to start out with something less intensive but just as effective then the Slim in 6 program by Trainer Debbie Siebers is sure to catch your attention. Since she has been through the phase when obesity was eating into her health and her life, she has created the Slim in 6 program for women who find it difficult to meet their goals with conventional workouts like cardiovascular training.

Slim in 6 - Women's HIIT WorkoutThe HIIT DVD’s are guaranteed to help you lose up to 25 pounds in 6 weeks or your money back. She takes a three-step procedure to achieve this phenomenal task. First the training videos guide you through a 30-minute warm-up that sets your muscles working for the moderate to high intensity exercises on offer.

Then a 45-minute regime is what causes maximum fat burn from your body, and is a combination of low intensity cardio and light resistance that help you lose weight but save you from hurting yourself. It is an intelligent combination of exercises that you can try out for yourself without a trainer, but reap results like you would do if you went to the best gym which has the best fitness trainer around.

Women can also start with some simple workouts on the treadmill or while running. These are simple and easy to understand. Anyone can do them. In fact, if you try running the HIIT way you will also get a feel of how much difference it can have on your body.

Studies have shown that high intensity programs promote fat burn in the body even after 24 hours of training. If you are looking to lose a lot of weight and are ready and dedicated to put in as much effort as you need to achieve this then this stuff is for you.

Slim In 6 ScreenshotHigh Intensity Interval Training can be done with or without gym equipment, but with some expert advice and a set of equipment you can achieve unbelievable results in less time. An example would be HIIT using jumping ropes. First you could start with single jumps till you are ready for the difficult part.

Now do double jumps or ski jumps between skips. Do this for a minute and return to your single jumps again. Do double jumps again and repeat this alternate cycle of single and double jumps at least 5 times. This is an example of how something simple can be transformed to utilize your body resources to the maximum.




If you still cannot get enough of High Intensity Interval Training then you should definitely consider the TurboFire package. The training material has been created specifically for women who want to train at the maximum possible pace and achieve better and better results in less time.

Women's HIIT Workout - TurboFireChalene Johnson takes care to ensure that you do not forget to have a proper diet plan and a well prepared exercise routine, and includes it in the package itself. TurboFire is the most promising weight loss routine for women because it utilizes High Intensity Interval Training to the fullest.

She calls it the 90-day cardio conditioning program which has already been reported to show results that prove that the plan helps you burn fat up to 9 times faster than conventional methods. She does this by preparing the body with her Fire Starter classes, then moves on to the real deal stuff.

She has divided the routines into Low, Fire and Extreme Hits, a combination of 12 fat burning classes that will literally make you feel the fat that you are shedding after each class. She makes working out enjoyable with hand-picked remixes that will help you train better and you will feel like you are training with one of the best female trainers around.

Women’s Interval Training – Final Thoughts

So, women do have a lot of options as far as High Intensity Interval Training is concerned and they also have the option to look at other types of activity that target specific areas of the body. Some women might be looking to enhance their busts or their buttocks while losing weight, or some may have already lost a lot of weight but want that shape that men can’t stop drooling at.

TurboFire KickThere are various training videos on the Internet which are designed for these purposes. Go for ones that use HIIT is the best possible way to give you the best possible results, because it will not  only takes up the least amount of time to do each day, it also fetches you results that you can boast of all your life.

There are indeed High Intensity Interval Training exercises which include cardio routines, circuit training and even weight training but these should be always done after proper advice from a trainer if not proper supervision. These can be dangerous for a woman also if she does not know which areas to target or when to stop or how much to do it for.

This type of activity can be risky because it tends to dehydrate the body and hence causes maximum fat burn in the body. Thus, it is important, especially for women to follow a proper diet and drink lots of water while working out.

HIIT Workout Plan for MenHigh Intensity Interval Training is an extreme way to lose that extra pounds on your body and get into shape, but that is not all that these have to offer. High intensity training increases your stamina to more intensive workouts, it increases your speed and strength to take up expert level stuff that your body wouldn’t allow otherwise.

All in all, HIIT workout routines are a package that will get your old bones and running and racing in no time. In fact, it is so easy to do, even a beginner will find themselves used to it in no time.

Men vs. Women

Before you start doing High Intensity Interval Training what you have to keep in mind is that it is designed differently for men and women. The most important reason for this discrimination is because most of the times men and women have completely different requirements for their body besides different body structures.

Since most are so intensive and taxing on the body, it is not recommended women try out the exercises meant for men. It might cause more harm to their bodies than they can think. Similarly, if men were to try out the ones designed for women, they might not be satisfied with the results after a couple of months, which is why we are stressing on the fact that men should do stuff meant for men.

How HIIT for Men Works

Men's HIIT WorkoutOf course, true to its nature, High Intensity Interval Training can be done in numerous possible ways and for men, they have various possibilities to choose from. If you are a beginner, you might want to start with a HIIT routine that is less intensive on your body, otherwise you might incur injuries on the very first day.

So, start with free running or even treadmill running. The principle is simple. All you have to do is train in intervals of varying intensity. Begin by running at a constant pace. After a few minutes, when you are ready, start sprinting at your best speed. If you are on the treadmill, increase the speed to the maximum you can do without falling off the treadmill.

Continue sprinting at this pace for two minutes. Slow down but do not stop. Begin jogging at your original pace, maybe a little faster than that. Do this for a minute. Start the high intensity sprinting again for two minutes. You have to repeat this cycle about 5 times for High Intensity Interval Training to be really effective.

Different Ways To Do HIIT

The same can be done on a treadmill by varying the speeds on your digital or analog control. If your treadmill or elliptical allows, vary the inclination also to make it more challenging after a couple of days. You will realize that you are gradually gaining power to decrease your resting time and increase your sprinting time. This is the very technique that sportsmen use. In fact, players are giving up strength and endurance training for High Intensity Interval Training just because it is so effective.

If you want more out of your daily gym visit, then go for the HIIT workouts using weights. Yes, you can use weights also to train this way. They are intensive, will help you lose fat really fast and gain muscles in no time. You can also do HIIT on the elliptical machine and using a jump rope or kettlebell.

The Best HIIT Workout Plan For Men

P90X – All About Strength

P90X - HIIT Workout All said and done, these are training methods which should not be done without proper supervision, but if you are too busy to go to a gym, then you should definitely consider going for the P90X program by Tony Horton. It has everything you need to start from the beginning, understand what High Intensity Interval Training is all about and at the end of 3 months, you will have a body that your friends will die for.

In fact, the P90X is the most popular package from BeachBody that there is. It comes complete with all the training DVD’s and workout equipment you need to get those ripping muscles you had always dreamt of.

If you want something even more intense, you could also check out a DVD set called Insanity.

The Importance of Integrating Cardio

If you want a great body and especially want to lose weight to get that perfect body, then you have to include cardio training in your daily fitness regime. You can either do conventional cardio that takes at least 45 minutes of dedicated work out time, or you can opt to go for HIIT cardio training that will get you the same results in less than 20 minutes flat.

How is it possible? Well, for starters, these types of exercises not only target specific parts of your body but look at the bigger picture and make your body work intensively to cause weight loss from inside of your body. The idea is that more you make your body work intensively, the more reasons it will have to shed that extra fat from your body. This is exactly what HIIT makes use of.

Insanity – Burn Fat Fast

Men's HIIT - InsanitySome men who are already veterans at the gym and want that extra few muscles on their abs or their arms and thighs should seriously consider the Insanity workout by Shaun T. It is truly insane for the results it can get you. Men normally get bored of their routines and always look for something new to work out with and get the best results.

Well, Insanity is for all those men who are looking to shed 90 pounds in 60 days. In fact, if the 60 days money back guarantee is the challenge that you want yourself against and you want to try out one of the most difficult programs that there is, then waste no time and go for Insanity.


Final Thoughts

High Intensity Interval Training is not only about training hard, but also about maintaining the muscles that you make by shedding your sweat. The only way to make sure you retain what you have made is to eat well and sleep well. All of the things we talked about have an accompanying diet plan that should be kept in mind at all times while working out.

What Is The Best Program Overall?

Best HIIT WorkoutHigh Intensity Interval Training is definitely the biggest phenomenon in the fitness world yet. There are two very important reasons for its success as a fitness regime. One is that it delivers what it promises, and that is results. The results are on your face and you will be able to feel the difference in a couple of days.

The other reason is that the knowledge of High Intensity Interval Training has been passed down from sportsmen and athletes. They were using HIIT for their needs from a very long time, but fitness trainers realized late that it can be used to help almost anyone looking to lose weight, gain lean muscles and staying fit.

This is the very reason we come to two of the best training video material available on the Internet, albeit at a price, which is justified once you read the success stories and the results they guarantee. In fact, the following training videos are for just about anyone and anyone can use them to get that perfect body you have always wanted.


TurboFire is a fitness DVD crafted specifically for one purpose: to lose a lot of weight while getting fitter and healthier each day. Chalene Johnson is one of the most celebrated fitness trainers around and a lot of people look up to her for fitness advice. She has designed TurboFire in a way the entire package is challenging and worth working out with because she guarantees results that just cannot be achieved with any other weight loss plan.

She calls it the extreme cardio conditioning program, because it has elements of cardio but cardio which has been taken to a whole Turbo Fire Workout new level thanks to High Intensity Interval Training. In fact, the stuff included in the cardio conditioning program are so promising that results show that people have actually burned up to 9 times more fat than they would using conventional cardio exercises.

The collection of 5 DVD’s that comes as a part of the package, including a Quick Start Guide and a TurboFire Class Schedule, included 12 high intensity fat burning classes that anyone can pop into a DVD player and work with. She doesn’t let you get bored even though it sometimes extremely strenuous and time consuming, by complimenting the videos with around 20 music remixes that get the heat generating process.

She starts off with her Fire Starter class which has 2 great exercises to adjust the body to High Intensity Interval Training before anyone attempts to try out the rest. Then she moves on to routines which are of gradually increasing intensity and time.

She makes sure that she stays true to the principles of high intensity and works your body in bursts of energy which are much more effective than prolonged conventional exercise routines in losing weight and that too, till about 24 hours after you have finished working out.

Here’s a little preview


Insanity is the latest and greatest offering by Shaun T. who has a body that people die to have. Well, it is no more a secret because Shaun T. reveals it all in Insanity.

He makes sure that he is able to keep the most deranged of fitness freaks and expert level fitness trainers happy by putting together the most difficult and “insane” plan anyone can offer. The results that Insanity has brought forward to the world are as insane as the name of the DVD set.

It is rated as one of the most difficult exercise plans that there is and Shaun T. himself puts it with “Are you crazy enough for Insanity?” What lies beneath the explosive introduction of Insanity is a whole new level of High Intensity Interval Training.

Insanity Best HIIT

He calls it the Max Interval Training because unlike a conventional plan, his has  less rest periods or time enough to only catch a little breath. He claims that this is what build up the stamina for an increasing difficulty of exercise routines over time.

He has divided the entire routine over a period of 60 days and guarantees unprecedented results in 60 days or your money back. The package include a collection of 10 DVD’s to work out every single muscle of your body, including a 60 day workout calendar to keep track of your progress, a Quick Start guide, a Nutrition Plan that goes perfectly with the high intensity stuff and also free online support – where you can consult fitness experts including Shaun T. himself!

The training material itself consists of things like Plyometrics, Upper Body Resistance , high intensity cardio that helps in maximum fat burn and a recovery exercise routine that you should be doing at the end of every week to retain the shape that you are building.

Since these are divided into 30 day cycles, the second part of the training material consists of maximum intensity routines building on the ones you will be doing in the first month. These include:

  • Max Interval Circuit training,
  • Max Interval Plyometrics,
  • Max Cardio Conditioning (like the ones included in the TurboFire, just a little supercharged) and
  • Max Recovery (which is just as important as the other exercise routines in the package)

Insanity is guaranteed to do one thing, and that is to build a body for you that people will die for and die to have. It goes without saying that the amount of dedication and energy you have to put in to achieve that dream body is as insane as the workouts, but you have to lose some to gain some.

Here’s a little preview for you:

Final Thoughts

Comparing both the packages, the TurboFire is the most intense package keeping the average trainee in mind and Insanity is perfect for those who are already comfortable with a lot of HIIT routines being pushed into their daily routines.

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